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The Mayan Spirit, April 26th 2007

Hello again friends,

A good friend pointed out to me that I haven't shared too much regarding my spiritual experiences here in Mayaland and my thoughts about how to satisfy my 'save the world' inclinations, so this is my attempt to do justice to that, which upon reading this I don't think I have, but oh well! Anyway, I hope this makes some kind of sense and that you don't think I've completely lost the plot!

In Merida, the shaman Hunbatz Men taught me a lot about the Mayan prophecy and sacred geometry. Right now he's working collaboratively with other American indigenous cultures and tribes along the magnetic line through the Amercias, from Eskimos down to the peoples of the forest, to share effects of global warming, determine when the prophecy may be realised (as 2012 is just a rough guess by a scholar, it could happen anytime) and to plan what to do. He showed me a lot of places around Merida and we talked about how modern-day Mayans are rejecting their culture for 'gringoism'. He is busy creating a sustainable bolthole called LolBe designed to survive 2012, including its own pyramid for rituals. He's invited me to go and live there!

To be honest, when I found him he was quite angry at the world and depressed, ie disconnected. At first he was going through the motions with me and said he was too busy to see me, but then kept inviting me to more things, finally giving me the huge compliment that I was a rare angel in his life who has inspired him with what he calls my 'happiness'. Well, thank God I am happy and able to connect with people trying to do such good work. I hope to learn more from him in future. I hear he does a mean sacred ceremony.

In San Cristobal de las Casa my friend and I went to see an old Mayan healer, Don Javier and his wife Maria de los Angeles who did a free treatment for us and agreed to work with us in the future. It was very nice but not earth shattering. They were gorgeous people, full of love. They asked me what I wanted, and I had to answer honestly that I couldn't want for anything. I feel very connected and have all that I need. More powerful was the temescal (sweat lodge) we did on the way to San Cris at an ecovillage where we spent a couple of nights- I've still got the sore throat and mouth ulcers to prove it! I've been healing both with medicinal plants and they're superb. Another thing I want to learn a lot more about!

Yesterday my friend Alan and I had the opportunity to help someone in a lot of pain. He survived a car accident a month ago, they turned off his life support and he came to life! He is connected together by pins, and was in a lot of pain, slightly brain traumatised, confused and panicking as to why he is still here. We treated him for a couple of hours and he got to rest a little. It was lovely to be able to soothe him just a little.

I'm learning a lot here and I'm not sure I can articulate it. I'm living day by day, moment by moment, with no real agenda except that which comes through my heart. As a result, things are manifesting instantly, and I'm having the chance to just look at them without getting attached. When I arrived here I was handed an instant life, and it's good to know that this land and these people welcome me with open arms. I am truly happy here and feel I might live here when my trip is complete. All the right people are showing up for me at the right time, which is a blessing. I'm also realising the assault of energy in the city, how so much of society is about control and a huge source of stress and energy sucking, and one thing I know for certain is that I can't imagine how I could ever go back to that life permanently - except to visit my lovely friends, of course! But who knows.

At the moment, I have a great teacher. Alan is a white blonde Mexican with dreads, and he's a ruthkess seeker of the truth. He has moved to Palenque in preparation for 2012 and to be on high ground (away from the effects of the tidal waves). Palenque and Machupicchu are believed by the Mayans and other indigenous peoples to be the new energy centres of the planet, Palenque surrounded by a triangle of three sacred places: Chichen Itza, Tres Zapotes in Veracruz, and somewhere with a very long name in Guatemala. I'm learning a lot from Alan about sacred geometry, how the temples are antennae that will connect us to the light when the polar shift happens. I'm learning about the solar explosions that are happening every two years instead of every 11, the impending earthquakes and tidal waves, how the magnetic shift will turn the energy of the world upside down. Alan believes that Palenque is the place of the gathering of the 144,000 Ascendent Masters who will help bring us all into the light. What we can do to prepare is educate, and train our bodies as the actual temples that they are to connect to the light when the shift happens. Only the people connected in some form are likely to survive. I've learnt that the Tsunami in Asia quickened our heartbeats and we are now vibrating at a much higher rate, and this will only get worse and we will only get more and more confused and the world will go crazy until the shift happens.

Whether you buy the alien theory or not (I'm not a huge alien theory lover), the end result for me is the same. I'm convinced that the shift will happen in the coming decade or two, and that our task is to connect to the light, to transcend. I knw this is what I came here to learn, and I'm sitting and watching to see what work I need to do to assist in this. I have a lot of patience! I believe somewhere in all of this lies my work. In a week or so I'm going to try mushrooms which are apparently great teachers. I'm also planning to do a solo retreat soon. Alan is also a great shaman who has a lot of healing power and experience with the chakras. I hope to learn a lot from him in that arena too.

I've also had some interesting experiences. At San Gervasio at the temple of Ixchel I had a vision and the world fell away into the light. In Calakmul we saw two deer, the sign of two shamans. At Misol-ha waterfall I saw my reflection surrounded by a perfect rainbow, my magnetic energy field. My shadow was radiating light from the bottom of the pool, like a halo. It was very interesting. Now my friend calls me bruja (witch!) I saw a rainbow around the sun, rain without clouds, and the wonderful good luck of a snake on my doorhandle which is apparently a sign of ascension!

I've got a lot of food for thought, and now on Friday I'm meeting up with the friend I met in Merida. It's perfect timing. It will be fantastic to just be and digest all this info to see where to go from here.

Anyway, I hope this makes some kind of sense!

Sending you lots of love,

Sandra xxx

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